The Port Lands Planning Framework

The Toronto Port Lands are approximately 800 acres of former heavy industrial lands, owned mostly by the City of Toronto. The planning framework adopted by Council is meant to provide direction for this vast waterfront area at the foot of the Don Valley Parkway for the next 50 years. While the plan allows for almost 15,000 new residential units, including much-needed affordable housing along with new film studios and mixed-use areas, I continue to believe that we should be advancing the regeneration of this area sooner rather than later. This would enable the City to capitalize on the tremendous financial investment of $1.3 billion to re-align the mouth of the Don River and flood proof the Port Lands, unlocking the potential to create a fantastic new community as has been done in cities around the world.

The Port Lands Planning Framework report can be found at:



2016 by Councillor David Shiner