TransformTO climate action plan

TransformTO, Toronto's ambitious new climate action plan, identifies how we'll reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve our health, grow the economy, and improve social equity. In July 2017, City Council unanimously approved a set of long-term goals for low-carbon output and strategies to achieve this.

Toronto's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets are: 30% by 2020, 65% by 2030; 80% by 2050 • Toronto's Homes and Buildings: By 2030, all new buildings will be built to produce near zero GHG emissions.

By 2050, all existing buildings will have been retrofitted to improve energy performance by an average of 40%. • Transportation: By 2050, 100% of vehicles in Toronto will use low-carbon energy; 75% of trips under 5 km will be walked or cycled. • Energy: By 2050, 75% of energy used will be renewable or low-carbon. • Waste Diversion: By 2050, 95% of all waste will be diverted from landfills.



2016 by Councillor David Shiner