City Council Highlights, March 10

I am pleased to provide highlights from the recent City Council meetings, including results of the labour negotiations with the City's unions.


City Council met to discuss draft agreements with a number of the City's labour unions. Local 416 represents 5,400 "outside" city workers, including garbage collectors, snow plow operators, paramedics and parks staff. Local 79 represents over 20,000 "inside" city workers, including nurses, child care staff, shelter staff, and planners.

The City was able to negotiate, without any work stoppages, new four-year agreements with both unions. The agreements for Local 416 and Local 79 are similar, with a 5% wage increase over a four-year period, some reductions to workers' benefits, and more flexibility for management to organize shifts. The agreements were fair to employees who voted in favour of the proposals, as did City Council at its meeting.

For details of the agreements, please follow the links here:

Local 416 -

Local 79 -


TCHC Redevelopment at Villaways, Near Leslie & Sheppard

The Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) entered into an agreement to redevelop the 121 townhouse units currently on site at the Villaways. The property is located on Leslie Street, just north of Sheppard Avenue East, in neighbouring Ward 33 (Don Valley East). The first application before Community Council in 2012 had a proposal for a replacement of 1,026 new residential units, on which I expressed concerns about overdevelopment on site.

The developer and TCHC worked on several revisions of the application, and it was recently considered again by the North York Community Council. The current proposal creates 529 condominium units and 115 TCHC units, with 6 additional rental units located off-site. At the City Council meeting, I continued to express concerns with this development as I still felt it overdeveloped the site with little benefit for the City. I was, however, able to add to this proposal that seven of the new condominiums would be affordable housing.

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