Update on short-term rental properties

We have seen a few examples of homes in our communities being advertised and used as short-term rentals, in some cases for multiple tenants. Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) continues to investigate and take action in these situations.

MLS has advised that 5 Glenelia Ave, which was reportedly being used continually for a "party house", is no longer operating contrary to the zoning by-laws as a "tourist home". MLS will continue to monitor this and other identified properties for compliance going forward.

If you have concerns about temporary stays at a particular house, please call 311 or e-mail 311@toronto.ca to report the address so that it may be investigated.

Update on the Rooming House Review

Municipal Licensing and Standards, in partnership with City Planning, and with the support of numerous other City divisions, is leading a Rooming House Review. In order to provide Council all of the necessary information to make an informed decision, the draft rooming house strategy will be presented to Executive Committee in January 2016 instead of December.

The draft rooming house strategy will include options for enhancing licensing and zoning regulations as well as enforcement. These options will address feedback gathered during the consultation process.

Pending the direction of Executive Committee after the draft strategy has been presented, it is anticipated that a series of consultations will be held. These consultations will present the options to stakeholders and the public and are anticipated to be held in the first quarter of 2016, with a final report expected to go to Executive Committee in 2016.

For updates and to view the report, go to www.toronto.ca/roominghousereview.



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