Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program Resumes Accepting Requests

The Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program is administered by the City of Toronto Affordable Housing Office with funding from the federal/provincial governments for health and safety repairs to the homes of seniors and disabled persons.

The City temporarily suspended acceptance of Assessment Requests in September, 2014 as more than 700 were being processed or waiting to be processed. The suspension allowed staff to process these requests in a timely manner. Now that the outstanding requests have been processed, Toronto Renovates is once again accepting Assessment Requests.

Based on the demand and funding availability, this program may have to be suspended again as necessary. The new form, together with details about Toronto Renovates, can be found under Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program by scrolling down to the Financial Assistance section of the web site: The form is also available along with eligibility criteria at:

If you have any questions, please contact Chip Au, Manager, Housing Improvement Programs, 416-392-0587 or



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