Pineway Blvd. pedestrian bridge and staircase construction

City of Toronto staff are planning to rehabilitate the pedestrian bridge that connects Pineway Boulevard to Goldenwood Road over German Mills Creek and the East Don River Trail as of mid-Fall 2015. A new staircase will also be constructed at the south end of the bridge to provide safe access to the East Don River Trail.

Despite some setbacks, I am happy to let you know that the work will be starting soon on this much-anticipated project. This will ensure that the bridge meets current standards and remains safe for pedestrians into the future. The project is fully funded by the City as part of the Council-approved 2015 Capital Works Program.

Expected start date: mid-Fall 2015

Expected completion date: Spring 2016

What to expect during construction:
  • The pedestrian bridge will remain open during construction. The bridge work will be completed in two phases, with barriers set-up to section off the portion under repair.

  • The East Don River Trail will also remain open during the bridge repair work but will be closed during the construction of the new stairway. Signs will advise trail users in advance of any closure.

  • Work crews will provide protection for both bridge and trail users. Controls will be in place for tree protection and to prevent erosion along the slope and debris from falling into the river. Affected properties will receive a Construction Notice approximately two weeks before work begins with more information about the work. Signage will also be posted in advance of any work.

Project Manager: Philip Greer, 416-392-5284,

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