February Community Update

City Council Meeting – February 10, 2015

The recent meeting of Toronto City Council addressed several items that may be of interest to you. I have provided a brief summary and update below.

Managing traffic congestion

City Council approved strategies to address delays associated with City-led construction. These include working overnight and seven days a week on major road and expressway projects, and giving authority for City staff to seek provincial assistance with disruptions involving utility companies. Council also approved a recommendation to create a public awareness program so that residents can see the timing and location of construction projects, and plan accordingly.

For more information, please see the City staff report: http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2015/pw/bgrd/backgroundfile-74394.pdf

TDSB schools and community spaces

In response to the TDSB announcement that it will consider selling off or closing many school properties that are at or below 65% occupancy, Toronto City Council is requesting the following:

  • That the Ministry of Education allow for consideration of all community uses (recreation/green space, child care, adult education, parenting classes, etc.) in determining school usage rates and to take into account changing trends in population and long-term enrollment numbers.

  • That the TDSB reserve consideration to sell off or close school properties that occupy community uses, are located in potential high-growth neighbourhoods, or in neighbourhoods identified as park-deficient by the City.

  • That a comprehensive plan be developed to protect public green space, open space and sports facilities on TDSB properties.

Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation

As you probably know, the Gardiner is in need of significant structural maintenance. The City is currently looking at options for rehabilitation of the Expressway westward from Jarvis St, including various approaches to financing and construction.

You can learn more about the project and share your comments at http://www.toronto.ca/gardiner.

Future of the Gardiner Expressway East

The City is also undertaking Environmental Assessment and design studies to determine the best strategy for the section of the Expressway running eastward from Jarvis St to the Logan Ave area. Four options are being evaluated:

  • Maintain the existing elevated expressway

  • Maintain it while also improving the landscape around and below the expressway

  • Replace it with either a new above or below grade expressway

  • Remove and replace the expressway with a new boulevard

For more information or to provide your comments, please visit http://www.gardinereast.ca/

As always, you are welcome to share any of your thoughts with me.


Councillor Shiner




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