Billy Bishop Airport

At Executive Committee's Special Meeting in March and at the April meeting of City Council, members spent a significant amount of time considering the proposal to amend the Tripartite Agreement for Billy Bishop Airport. As a result of the motions coming out of City Council, the final decision on whether or not to allow jets at the airport will come in 2015 when more information is available.

That being said, City Council did approve staff recommendations that will allow for comprehensive plans to come forward and for negotiations to continue with the Toronto Port Authority, Transport Canada and other stakeholders. These recommendations will allow the City to have a say with passenger caps and with improving infrastructure and traffic around the airport. Without these recommendations, the City would have little control over the growth of the airport or on collaborative efforts to improve traffic and infrastructure near the foot of Bathurst Street and surrounding area.

For more information on the motions and recommendations that passed at City Council, you can review the minutes from the City's website at: (

I also want to thank those of you that took the time to write to me or call my office with questions, comments or opinions on the Toronto Port Authority's request to amend the Tripartite Agreement for Billy Bishop Airport. Your input is always sincerely appreciated.




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