OMB Decision on 3057-3067 Bayview and 1 Burleigh Heights Dr

This application for 21 townhomes was previously appealed by the proponent to the Ontario Municipal Board while under review by City Planning, after the minimum 180 day appeal period had passed.


The land is an assembly of seven lots that contained single-detached houses. While several townhouse projects exist in the area on the west side of Bayview, there are currently only two on the east side between Sheppard and Finch Ave's.


At the community consultation for the proposal, residents and the local ratepayer's association raised concerns over the potential for additional townhouse applications in the area. It was noted that City townhouse design guidelines are in place for the west side of Bayview, but not for the east side, as not to encourage this type of development.


At the request of the community, City Planning staff were asked to initiate a study that would bring similar guidelines to the east side. The intent of this is to dictate what sites may be appropriate, and the character of built form and site conditions that are acceptable. It is the opinion of City Planning that there are only a few sites that may be viable for townhouses going forward.


Following consultations with City staff and our office, the applicant in this case made an offer of settlement. Due to the approaching City Council meeting and OMB hearing date, there was a short window of time to respond to the offer. The details of the settlement were provided to the representatives for the ratepayer group with an opportunity to review and comment, however they declined.


The settlement agreement has since been approved by the OMB. With the support of City Planning and Legal, significant concessions were secured by the City. These include reductions to height, density and built form impacts, increased setbacks and landscaping buffers, and design improvements to add variation among the facades. The latter helps to embody more of a single-house character, just with less space in between.    

For your interest, please click on the PDF icon to view the full OMB decision.