Councillor Shiner In the News


Long-planned Bessarion Community Centre gets major funding

Post City

May 11, 2018

Development Permit System: Outcome Pending

Novae Res Urbis

Jan. 5, 2018

Toronto Realty Agency: Getting Started 

Novae Res Urbis

Dec. 8, 2017

Toronto Hydro CEO faces questions over pay of more than $1 million

Toronto Star

September 26, 2017

Waterworks project returns parcel of heritage property to the community

Daily Commercial News

Nov. 18, 2016

Toronto council challenged to fund staff for city planning amid development pressures

Toronto Star

Nov. 16, 2016

BUILD Toronto Announces $25 Million Dividend to City of Toronto

Build Toronto

May 13, 2016

BUILD Toronto Announces 100 New Affordable Housing Units on the Subway Line

BUILD Toronto

April 25, 2016

Toronto councillors vow to end police paid-duty requirements

Toronto Star

April 18, 2016


City will wait to buy new garbage trucks

Toronto Sun

Jan. 28, 2016


Councillor David Shiner questions garbage truck spending, savings

Toronto Star

Jan. 17, 2016


$40M for trucks city might not use?

Toronto Sun

Jan. 16, 2016


Toronto Council doesn't want Davenport rail bridge

Toronto Star

Dec. 10, 2015


Fort York bridge: Winning entry stands out for low costs

Daily Commercial News

Dec. 2, 2015


Made of stainless steel: Fort York bridge first of its kind in Canada
City News
Nov. 24, 2015


Team selected to build $19.7 million Fort York bridge

Urban Toronto

Nov. 24, 2015


City Council appoints eight public members to the BUILD Toronto and Councillor David Shiner as Interim Chair

BUILD Toronto

Nov. 10, 2015


Enhanced training for [OMB] witnesses (see page 4)


Sept. 18, 2015


City to examine community mailbox impact

Toronto Sun

July 9, 2015


What will Jennifer Keesmaat's legacy be?

Toronto Star

June 19, 2015


Community mailboxes will have to compete for space in downtown Toronto

The Globe and Mail

June 12, 2015


Will Canada Post's super mailboxes work in Toronto?

Global News

May 11, 2015


Toronto Councillors look at ways to pay for Scarborough subway extension

Inside Toronto

April 23, 2015


Toronto could explore expanded gambling at Woodbine Racetrack

Global News

March 25, 2015


Debate over Woodbine Racetrack casino resumes at city hall

Toronto Star

March 25, 2015


Noisy AirBNB renters raise ire of WIllowdale residents

Toronto Star

March 18, 2015


Extend parking ticket grace period, Coun. David Shiner says

CBC News

Feb. 14, 2014


Councillor pushes for longer parking grace period

Toronto Sun

Feb. 14, 2014


Plastic bag coup makes Councillor David Shiner a sudden star

National Post

June 8, 2013