Applications in Ward 24

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This application proposes six three-storey townhouses. A community consultation meeting was held in May of 2018.

This revised application is for 30 stacked townhouse units contained in a three-storey building with underground parking. Following the first community meeting, neighbours expressed they were unhappy with the proposal. After the applicant subbmitted a revised plan, our office convened a second meeting to update and get feedback from neighbours. A settlement offer was negotiated and accepted by the City, which ensured compliance with the Central Finch Area Secondary Plan.

1 Garnier Crt

Application to amend the zoning by-law to permit nine three-storey townhouses fronting on Bayview Ave and Garnier Crt. The status report has identified planning issues to be resolved and gives direction for City Council to oppose the application in its current form, should appropriate revisions not take place.

2901 Bayview Ave - Bayview Village

The current application is for a 19-storey mixed use building, two 6-storey mixed use buildings, and a retail addition to the existing shopping centre (which will be maintained) for the northern portion of the site. The southwest portion of the site includes a mixed use building with two towers (33 and 28 storeys), and a five storey parking structure. The application is under review by City Planning and a substantial community consultation process underway.

The applicant proposes to construct a two-storey data centre on the south side of Sprint Canada Drive, located at the south end of the subject property. There is also a seperate application on site for a large mixed-use commercial and retail master plan, which is now under review.

Application for a 14-lot plan of subdivision with 14 single-detached dwellings. The application has been approved by City Planning.

This application for four mixed-use buildings of 25, 29, 31 and 43 storeys has been appealed by the applicant to the Ontario Municipal Board. City Council has directed that the City Solicitor and Planner attend in opposition to the application.

The application has been approved for construction by City Planning for 58 townhouse units including new public streets.

50-52 Finch Ave E

Application to construct a 9-storey mixed-use building with 64 dwelling units and commercial at ground-level. it is currently under review by City Planning.

This application for an 11-storey mixed-use building and a three-storey, four-unit townhouse block totalling 184 dwelling units was appealed by the applicant to the Ontario Municipal Board.

This application originally proposed a four-storey apartment building with 109 units. A public meeting was held on June 6, 2015. The applicant since agreed to revise the application to 24 four-storey townhouse units, which has since been approved.

This application is for 11 three-storey townhouse units with 25 underground parking spaces accessed from Blithfield Ave. The applicant appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. Significant positive revisions were secured by the City, and a settlement offer was approved by City Council.

This application proposes 21 three-storey townhouses fronting onto Bayview Ave and 45 underground parking spaces accessed from Burleigh Heights Dr. The applicant has made an offer of settlement to the City. It was deemed favourable by City Legal and Planning Staff and approved by City Council.

This application has been approved to amend the North York Zoning By-law to permit twenty-two single-detached dwellings and a public park. An application for subdivision has also been approved to create the new lots and a public access road.

These two applications propose to amend the Zoning By-law to permit a three-storey, 16-unit townhouse development at 14-20 Greenbriar Rd and a three-storey, 14-unit townhouse development at 15-21 Greenbriar Rd. A total of 60 underground parking spaces would be provided on site. They have now been approved by City Planning.

Following several reviews of the application by City Planning Staff, and with input from community and ratepayer groups, a settlement was reached for redevelopment of the plaza. The application was substantially reduced in terms of building heights and unit count, while community benefits have been maximized.

The settlement includes about 1,548 units (reduced from 2,300) in four towers (reduced from five), the tallest being around 37 storeys (reduced from 44). It also includes a community centre, a public park, childcare space, a subway connection and affordable housing.

This application proposes to amend the Zoning By-law to permit 28 stacked townhouse units, back to back in four storeys with underground parking. It has now been approved by City Planning.

This application proposes to amend the Zoning By-law at 3237 Bayview Avenue to permit a fourteen-storey residential building with retail uses at grade. A total of 165 residential units and 187 underground parking spaces are proposed. The applicant appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board and was approved.

This application proposed to amend the Official Plan and Toronto Zoning By-law to legalize an existing two-storey building to commercial use as a medical office. City Planning issued a refusal report. Efforts by the City to invole legal action on the owners are ongoing.

This application is to permit construction of a new two-storey secondary school. The existing elementary school was demolished. The Catholic School Board (TCDSB) requested a variance for increased building height above what's permitted by Toronto's Zoning By-law. This request was heard and refused by the North York Committee of Adjustment. The TCDSB appealed this decision to the Ontario Municipal Board but then withdrew the apeal and will now build the school within the permitted zoning.

This application proposes to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit redevelopment for a 75-unit, four-storey mixed-use residential and commercial building. It includes 87 underground parking spaces accessed from Willowdale Ave. The site plan is currently under review.

This application proposes a rezoning and subdivision to permit 34 single-detached residential lots and a public street. The application was approved by City Council.

593 Sheppard Ave East

This development was approved by the OMB and the revised Site Plan Application is under review. It proposes a mixed-use building of 6-10 storeys containing 186 units and retail space at grade. The development includes a replacement place of worship.

This application is for an 8 to 12-storey mixed use building containing 245 dwelling units, 249 square metres of grade-related retail space and 214 parking spaces. The project was approved by the OMB and is now in the construction stage.

This application was approved for a two-storey retail building (MEC) with four-storey, 50 unit stacked townhouses at the rear. Construction is now nearing completion.

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